Craft Cannabis in Maine

Cupcakes Cannabis strives to cultivate some of the finest Maine marijuana. We partner with some seriously talented breeders like Supernova Genetics and Seed Junky Genetics. Our exclusive strains are grown fresh for your smoking pleasure. Some of our latest strains are Fruit Flambe, Punch Cookies, Slurricane and GMO Cookies! Check out our products page here! Give us a call today! We offer curbside pickup and an exclusive at home delivery service! (Must be a Medical Marijuana Card Holder to Purchase Cannabis)

Call us and Place Your Order Today!

With our exclusive home delivery and curbside pickup services, acquiring your medicinal cannabis is easier than ever! Our call ahead ordering process saves times and ensures our customers know what they’re getting and when!

Wondering How to Get Your Med Card?

If you don’t already have a medical card, it’s extremely affordable and easy to get one! The qualifying conditions list has been removed so you can happily try medicinal cannabis for any condition! A qualified medical profession will perform a quick screening and you’ll be set! The whole process takes about 30 minutes and can be done completely online! The initial card may cost around $50 – $100 and can be renewed yearly for a fair price.

Cupcake's Cannabis Cultivation

Our garden is spectacular. With a massive grow facility and practically endless potential, we’re ready to take Cupcake’s Cannabis to the next level! In Maine, we only cultivate the greatest medicinal marijuana. There are several strains to choose from, all of which are grown without pesticides. Wedding Cake, Platinum Grape Koolaid, and Slurricane are just a few of our specialties. We believe in providing you with the best, and our grow is where we put those beliefs into practice! Learn more about our expansive cultivation space and procedures by clicking the links below!

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