Craft Cannabis vs. Commercial Cannabis

Craft Cannabis vs. Commercial Cannabis: Differences, Environmental Impact, and More

Craft cannabis is fast becoming the go-to choice for cannabis enthusiasts in Maine and across the country. And with good reason – craft cannabis stands apart from commercially produced cannabis in a few key ways that make it well worth seeking out. 

In this blog, we’ll take a look at what sets craft cannabis apart from more common options, as well as the best ways to find it. 

What is commercially grown cannabisWhat is craft cannabis?

Craft cannabis is grown on a smaller scale, typically by independent growers with close attention to detail and careful cultivation techniques. These cultivators are more likely to use less chemicals and more natural methods, such as integrated pest management and composting, in order to ensure that the plant material they produce is of the highest quality. 

This results in higher quality, healthier plants with stronger cannabinoid content. Furthermore, craft cannabis producers tend to be more attentive to detail, investing extra care into their product such as curing the buds properly and monitoring plant health over the course of its growth. 

Craft cannabis strains tend to be unique, as they are often bred to create one-of-a-kind varieties. This makes craft cannabis a great choice for those looking for something different, or a specific type of strain that’s not available anywhere else. 

What is commercially grown cannabis?

Commercially-produced cannabis, on the other hand, is typically grown in large quantities in a factory-like setting. This production method makes it faster and easier to produce large amounts of cannabis, but often at the expense of quality. 

These growers will often use synthetic pesticides and fertilizers to ensure greater yields, as well as techniques like topping and trimming that can damage the health of plants. As a result, commercially-grown cannabis will often contain lower levels of cannabinoids and terpenes than craft cannabis. 

Why is craft cannabis superior?

The key here is quality over quantity. Craft cannabis growers are more focused on producing a high-quality product, which means that the strains they produce tend to be richer in flavor and potency. Furthermore, as craft cannabis producers often use more natural methods of cultivation, their products can as a result, contain fewer contaminants such as heavy metals or pesticides than commercially grown cannabis.

Craft cannabis also differs from commercialized cannabis in terms of where it’s grown. While some large-scale producers will grow thousands of acres at once outside in vast fields, craft farmers prefer to keep their farms small and grow inside controlled environments like greenhouses or indoors. This reduces environmental impacts while allowing farmers to control every detail of the growing process – from humidity levels to nutrients – resulting in larger yields and better-quality flower. 

Craft cannabis in Maine

Why is craft cannabis superior

When you buy craft cannabis from a reputable producer such as Cupcake’s Cannabis, you can rest assured that you are getting top-shelf buds that have been hand harvested and cared for by experienced professionals who know exactly what they’re doing. You get peace of mind knowing your bud was grown with love – something you won’t find when buying industrial-grade weed! 

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