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Cupcakes Choice Cocoa: Infused Hot Cocoa Edition

Chill Out While You Warm Up

We live in Maine, and cool nights happen all year round. Make the extra cold days we have left bearable by warming up your body and medicating with one delectable drink: hot chocolate with weed. Infused hot cocoa has changed the game for all our marijuana drinkers out there. Edibles come in many varieties, and drinkable cannabis has skyrocketed in popularity due to its convenience and effectiveness. There’s something we just can’t pinpoint when you drink your dose, it just hits different. We’re here to share our favorite way to make the most delicious edible hot chocolate using premium bars from Cupcakes Cannabis. Happy Medicating!

Gather Your Ingredientsweed chocolate for infused hot cocoa

Disclaimer: make sure you’re not already too stoned before placing your order from the shop, we want you to get it right! Just one full chocolate bar is all you’ll need to make this cup plenty savory and potent to your liking. We offer a variety of THC MG per bar for you to control how high you end up on cloud 9. After you’ve secured curbside pick up or visit us in store, check to see if you’ve got milk (any milk will do, dairy, almond, oat, soy etc). Either pick some up or pick it up out of the fridge and then prep that stove burner, because you’re finally in the business of crafting your personal homemade, infused hot chocolate.

Your Hot Cocoa Playbook

This is where the magic happens. Chop up that chocolate bar into smaller chunks and set by the stove for accessibility. Patience is a virtue when warming and melting your chocolate. Depending on the type of milk you had on hand or prefer, it’s very important not to rise its’ temperature rapidly or over heat so no curdling occurs. With your pot on medium-low heat, add 2/3 cup milk of choice. Directly after adding your milk, drop those chopped up edibles in there. Don’t walk away or change the heat, just whisk. If you don’t have a whisk, a fork does the job. Slowly mix until chocolate is combined well and no chunks are left. Once smooth again after about 5 of the longest moments, remove from heat and add sprinkle cinnamon or marshmallows if you so choose. For faster drink-ability, pour a small amount of milk in your mug and stir.

weed chocolate for infused hot cocoaPost-Cocoa High

Wasn’t that worth it? 2 ingredients and 10 minutes from start to finish for a tasty, unbeatable and euphoric high that lasts for hours. Whether you’re inspiring a laughing fit with your best friends or lightening your energy while hanging out at home, this cup of hot chocolate has the power to cure any blues away. At Cupcakes Cannabis, we’re all about working smarter and not harder. Whatever alterations capture your interest, give it a shot. This is just our favorite recipe and we’re confident you can’t mess up hot chocolate too bad, especially if it’s going to get you high either way.


  • 1 Full THC Infused Chocolate Bar from Cupcakes Cannabis

  • 2/3 Cup Milk (Dairy, Almond, Oat, Coconut, etc all work)

  • 1-2 Marshmallows (Optional)


  1. Raise pan to medium-low heat

  2. Drop-in Chopped Chocolate Bar

  3. Whisk Until Chocolate is Melted

  4. Add Optional Marshmallow(s)