1:1 Ratio THC/CBD Pet Oil


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1:1 Ratio THC/CBD Pet Oil

Our pet oil contains small amounts of both thc & cbd in equal amounts as well as a full spectrum of all other cannabinoids with several key cannabinoids in very high ratios that we have found play major rolls with pets.

This oil is given orally just once daily at a very low dose it will NOT make your pet high or act funny if the dosage rates are followed.


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It works on stopping things like seizures and trembling completely in most cases. Can stop cancers/tumors from progressing even shrink or eliminate them completely. Also great for stiff joints on old dogs get your pooch climbing those stairs and jumping in the truck again. Also Good for post surgery as a pain management.

Dosage rates are set by body weight its very simple to use & very effective. See results with your own eyes in just a matter of a few days.

(Must be used consistently to work)

3 sizes now avail.

1/2oz trial size

1oz small. Small dogs & cats

2oz Large. Large dogs 50lbs+


.5oz. (trial size), 1oz., 2oz.


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