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The Future Of Maine Medical Cannabis

There is a strong movement in the corporate lobbying teams playbook to make medical use laws, rules and regulations identical to adult use.  This is destructive intentionally and by design along with the current proposed rules.  We need a active team in Augusta looking out for us daily.

Today the Maine Cannabis Coalition is proud to announce our new lobbying team:

Former state Representative/Senator/Sheriff: Mark Dion (Democrat)

**Mark sat on the Adult Use Marijuana Implementation Committee and knows our cannabis laws well…..he also was a gubernatorial candidate in 2018**


Former House Minority Leader Ken Fredette (Republican)

**Ken has held strong leadership positions with the republican party and is well known and respected with the party members. **


Along with Ken and Mark will be Dawson Julia.  We are here to basically kick ass and take numbers but on the side we will be working in a organized structured fashion to pass some really good bills we wrote with the help of some really good Representatives and Senators that support our local’s 1st cause!!!

The Bill List : 

Legislative Bill Introduced

#1 Remove lobbyists from marijuana advisory commission and require that anyone who is employed by OMP may not work in the cannabis industry or as a lobbyist for 2 years after leaving OMP. (LR 1592)

#2 Bring plant count to a max of 60 flowering plants per caregiver and allow for 1,500 sq ft unlimited plants instead of 500 sq ft. (LR 1470)

 #3 Remove collective restriction for caregivers (LR 1276)

#4 Fix advertising/logo issue and not allow OMP to punish in any way including threat of license revocation in the event a caregiver chooses to appeal a violation or violation warning (LR 1241)

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